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01. Family Law

Family Law

The Family Law division of Kingsley Davenport LLP is a beacon of unparalleled expertise in the often tumultuous and complex world of Family Law. I invite you to explore the depth of our specialisation and our commitment to navigating our clients through the intricacies of familial legal matters with remarkable skill, consummate discretion, and compassionate understanding.


Our founding partners, Sir Alexander Kingsley, KC and Alexandra Davenport, KC, stand at the helm, each possessing an exquisite blend of intellectual depth and practical understanding. Sir Kingsley and Ms Davenport have, through their assiduous dedication and legal acumen, risen to become undisputed leaders in the realm of Family Law.

Sir Alexander Kingsley, a pre-eminent legal luminary, couples an unrivalled understanding of the intricacies of Family Law with a strong sense of empathy and discernment. His ability to dissect the most complex legal issues and distil them into practical, personalised advice is second to none. Sir Kingsley's profound grasp of the legal complexities associated with familial matters and his strategic courtroom prowess have solidified his place among the upper echelons of Family Law practitioners.

Equally formidable, Alexandra Davenport, KC, possesses a remarkable capacity for nurturing trust and understanding with our clients, guiding them through the most challenging times with grace and strength. She wields her legal dexterity and profound insights to champion the interests of our clients, navigating the intricacies of Family Law with unwavering commitment and determination. Her empathetic approach and persistent pursuit of justice have been instrumental in defining her sterling reputation within the legal community.

Together, Sir Kingsley and Ms Davenport exemplify Kingsley Davenport's commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professional excellence. Their extensive experience and acute understanding of Family Law enable us to offer legal counsel that is not only strategically sound but also delivered with the utmost sensitivity and respect for our clients' unique circumstances.

Our firm understands that Family Law disputes can be deeply personal and emotionally charged. Thus, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients feel supported and guided at every stage of the process, from initial consultation through to the final resolution. With a keen eye for detail, relentless dedication to our clients, and a steadfast commitment to delivering results, Kingsley Davenport provides a sanctuary of legal expertise amidst the storm of family legal disputes.

Our vision is to continue to lead the field in Family Law, underpinned by a resolute dedication to our clients and an unwavering commitment to legal excellence. Kingsley Davenport are pleased to be your trusted partner in navigating the often tumultuous seas of Family Law.

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