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Introducing our law firm

The Apex of Legal Excellence and Distinction.

Kingsley Davenport LLP

Kingsley Davenport LLP is a bastion of distinguished legal proficiency, bespoke attention, and unwavering confidentiality. We are a prestigious law firm dedicatedly serving the sophisticated needs of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI).

Our mandate is to meld unrivalled professional service with a personalised approach as distinct as our esteemed clientele. We offer counsel across an array of legal disciplines encompassing, but not limited to, Personal, Corporate, Family, Asset Protection, and Tax Planning.

Leveraging our expansive global network of elite lawyers, Kingsley Davenport provides a depth of expertise adept at handling the most intricate and formidable legal circumstances. We ardently protect our clients' interests, steadfastly striving to realise their objectives whilst preserving an unparalleled degree of confidentiality.

Our Expertise


Corporate & Commercial Law

Kingsley Davenport has a strong presence in Corporate & Commercial Law, offering comprehensive legal advice to a variety of businesses. This area encompasses numerous sub-disciplines including M&A, corporate governance, and business transactions. Led by the reputable Barrister Johnathan Rochester, our team offers legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of every business, from startups to established multinational corporations. We provide pragmatic advice and representation on a wide range of legal issues, from daily operational concerns to complex corporate disputes, aiming to help our clients navigate the legal landscape with confidence.


Family Law

Our firm is deeply invested in Family Law, an area that deals with a range of matters related to family relationships. This includes divorce, child custody, adoption, and other matters concerning family dynamics. We understand that these can be sensitive and emotionally charged issues, requiring careful and compassionate legal counsel. Our team, led by the accomplished Barrister Alexandra Davenport, has a rich history of advocating for the rights and well-being of families and children. We aim to provide solutions that respect the dignity and integrity of all family members, while ensuring the legal protection they deserve.


Intellectual Property Law

We offer expert services in Intellectual Property Law, an area that deals with the rights related to inventions, artistic works, designs, and brands. Intellectual Property Law is rapidly evolving, largely due to advancements in technology and increasing globalisation. Our team, with specialists such as Barrister Samuel Ashford and Barrister Sophia Beaumont, are well-versed in the latest IP trends and cases, protecting our clients' valuable intellectual assets in a competitive global marketplace. From copyright infringement cases to patent applications and disputes, we provide rigorous representation and strategic advice, enabling our clients to leverage their intellectual property effectively and lawfully.


Asset Protection

In the complex realm of Asset Protection, our firm provides robust and bespoke services. This area involves creating strategies to safeguard assets from creditor claims and lawsuits, providing a safety net for high-net-worth individuals and corporations. We understand the intricacies of national and international laws that regulate the preservation of assets. Our leading expert, Barrister Henry Fitzwilliam, has a strong record of safeguarding client assets, from negotiating beneficial agreements to litigating fiercely contested cases. We strive to combine strategic planning with rigorous legal defence to provide optimum asset protection.

Our Partners

"Justice delayed is justice denied."

William E. Gladstone

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